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Atlantic Coastal Mitigation Bank

Atlantic Coastal Mitigation Bank

Mitigation Bank Credits

Wetland Mitigation Banking is a market-based approach established by Federal and State regulators. These regulations allow a public or private entity, called a bank sponsor, to restore and preserve wetlands, streams, habitat and other natural resources in order to provide compensatory mitigation for both authorized impacts as well as negligent and intentional activities involving impacts to the environment. The purchase of mitigation bank credits offers the following strong benefits:

  • Greatly reducing and fixing the cost of mitigation.
  • Eliminating the time lag associated with acquiring, designing, constructing and maintaining/monitoring a client’s own mitigation site.
  • Improving overall project cost and schedule performance.


Pleasant Grove construction pic

Pleasant Grove Turnkey Mitigation Project

Turnkey Mitigation

In the cases where mitigation credits are unavailable, GreenVest offers Turnkey Mitigation services. For individuals or entities facing statutory, regulatory or legal compensatory mitigation requirements, Turnkey Mitigation offers a simple start-to-finish service on a fixed price basis. Under a contracted agreement, GreenVest eliminates contingent liability for the client and assumes the risk of providing complete turnkey mitigation at an upfront fixed price cost. This includes Land Acquisition, Planning, Design/Build, Maintenance/Monitoring and Land Stewardship. Our acquisition team identifies, acquires and holds title to land or an easement in an expeditious and cost-effective manner. Thereby allowing the client to focus on their core business and help complete projects on time and within budget.

Click here for Time Lapse Video Footage of a Turnkey Mitigation Project at our Pleasant Grove Restoration site

GreenVest currently manages mitigation banks in New Jersey and North Carolina, with a constant eye to other areas of need. Contact us at 732-902-6644 for details.


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