Pleasant Grove Mitigation Site – View Time Lapse Video!

Date:Feb 20, 2015

Location: Township of Jackson, Ocean County, NJ;  WMA 13 – Barnegat Bay Watershed

Service Area:  WMA 13 – Barnegat Bay Watershed  (Parts of Ocean & Monmouth Counties)

Project Description:  This 130+ acre site was historically cleared, ditched and dammed for intensive cranberry and row crop production.  The Site is located in the headwater and is directly tributary to Toms River, within the Barnegat Bay Watershed.

Pleasant Grove Mitigation Site is located within the Barnegat Bay Watershed Management Area 13. This fully approved mitigation project was designed to replace natural resource functions and values that will be lost as a result of the permitted impacts tied to proposed Garden State Parkway improvements. GreenVest selected this Mitigation Site due to its large size, high restoration/ enhancement feasibility, potential for ecological lift and the diverse mitigation opportunities it provides. A key component of the construction will involve removing an earthen dam which created a two pool impoundment used for irrigation, and restoring 800 linear feet of stream channel that has been impaired since 1930. Restoration of this site will include re-establishing approximately 65 acres of wetland/upland forested riparian zone and enhancing modified agricultural wetlands. The project will result in restoring 70 and fully integrating an additional 60 acres for a total of 130 acres of headwater, forested wetlands and riparian zone including the protection of two vigorous stands of Atlantic White Cedar on site. GreenVest has assumed 100% of the financial liability and responsibility for success as outlined under the permitted performance standards for this project.

Purpose: GV is providing fixed price, turnkey mitigation project to the NJ Turnpike Authority to compensate for the unavoidable, permitted impacts in WMA 13 associated with the Garden State Parkway 83 to 100 Improvements Project.

Mitigation Offered:   The mitigation will provide compensation for permanent impacts to freshwater wetlands, riparian zone and critical wildlife habitat located within WMA 13.

  • Forested Headwater and Riparian Emergent/Scrub-shrub Wetlands,
  • Wet Meadow
  • Forested Upland and Wetland Riparian Zone
  • 800 linear feet of zero order stream restoration/historic dam removal


Project Status:  Fully approved by NJDEP in June of 2012. Construction for our Pleasant Grove Mitigation Site began in July 2012 and is now complete.

Ecological Benefits/Proposed Uplift:

  • Enhance/restore and maintain the integrity of a large scale forested headwater system in the Barnegat Bay Watershed; functionally re-establishing targeted native plant communities and integrating them with existing systems onsite.
  • Contribute to improving the downstream chemical, physical and biological integrity of Toms River; an EPA listed 303(d) water body and the Barnegat Bay.
  • Enhance, restore and preserve a critical, common and TE wildlife habitat including a large area of interior forest.  Create a regional hub for migratory and resident wildlife species.
  • Increase surface water connectivity and restore fluvial flow through the dam removal, stream and wetland riparian restoration.  This reach of Myles Brook has not seen the light of day since the early 1800’s.
  • Restore flood storage and the overall acreage of floodway/floodplain on site.
  • Restore groundwater recharge/discharge functions.
  • Restore bank stability and sediment trapping/cycling.
  • Restore nutrient cycling.
  • Contribute to the goals outlined in the NJWAP and Barnegat Bay National Estuary Program for the Northern Pinelands Region and the Barnegat Bay Watershed respectively.