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GreenVest on Film - Lawrence Brook

"Renaissance on the Raritan, Re-imagining Our Watershed." This documentary came to fruition through the hard work and dedication of Judy Shaw and The Sustainable Raritan River Initiative ( The film is part of an inspiring trend of renewed focus on the recovery and revitalization of the lower stem of the Raritan River (the longest river located wholly in New Jersey). This compelling film documents GreenVest's high quality, cutting edge, and science based restoration of our Lawrence Brook Mitigation Site. The site was showcased as an example of how ambitious, regional, restoration and human use goals for the Raritan River can be achieved by private companies. In the film, GreenVest's Senior Vice President, Brett Berkley, and Senior Biologist, Brian Cramer, reflect on the challenges of restoring and enhancing a large, ecologically degraded site and an important estuarine mixing zone located within the urban core of central NJ.