Construction & Construction Management

GreenVest completes most aspects of all of our own projects.  GV strictly Pleasant Grove 8-15-12 8-22-12 140oversees and manages other project components not completed by GV internally (excavation/earthwork) which is completed by our alliance of specialized contractors. We also offer specific construction services to our clients, including but not limited to design/build, construction and site operations coordination and management, as well as plant installations, waterfowl/deer exclusion fencing installation, invasive species management and soil erosion & sediment control measure installation. We use a collaborative approach to ecological restoration design and construction, taking cues from the site and impaired system, plus nearby “reference” communities. Our philosophy is to set the stage for the system to progress and mature, over time reaching a contextually appropriate pinnacle, rather than trying to force the creation of a pinnacle community right out of the box.