Environmental/Ecological Services

GreenVest scientists possess multi-disciplinary professional expertiseDSCF4390 and varied project experience in the ecological and environmental sciences.  Our core business is restoring impaired and stressed ecosystems, routinely applying our ecological and environmental expertise to the restoration of aquatic and terrestrial systems and habitats.  Our expertise gives rise to an in depth understanding of ecological system composition, function and value.  As problem solvers, we use our unique site-based approach, experience and expertise to identify a sites’ unique natural resource characteristics , identify constraints and avoid impacts, as well as opportunities to create “sustainable”, “green infrastructure” projects regardless of end use.

Our experience includes, but is not limited to: Wetland Functions/Values Assessment; Wetland Delineation; Forestry Management; Timber Valuation Surveys; Timber Management Plans; Vegetation Identification; Wildlife Surveys; Wildlife Habitat Assessments; Threatened & Endangered Species Surveys; Storm-Water Management; Ecosystem Restoration (Grasslands, Forest Systems, Wildlife Habitat, Rare Species Habitat); and Wetland Restoration Design (Salt Marsh, Freshwater Wetlands, Inter-tidal Wetlands, Sub-tidal Habitats, Aquatic Habitats, Streams, Regenerative Conveyances & Riparian Zone), including Site Selection, Water Budgets, Hydrologic Investigations & Modeling, Biological Benchmarking, Design, Installation, and Maintenance/Monitoring.

Please visit our Services page to learn more about our diverse project based experience  Full Detailed List of Services PDF.