Maintenance & Monitoring Services

Each mitigation project carries a mandatory maintenance and monitoring obligation over a 5-7 year period, following construction. Newly restored ecological systems often require maintenance and TLC in order to keep them on a trajectory to successful establishment and full functionality.

GreenVest now offers our M&M services on a fee-paid or fixed price basis to clients with established or pending mitigation projects. GreenVest’s ecological staff develops and implements monitoring and adaptive management plans specifically tailored to suit each site/project. We frequently monitor through the first few critical months following the completion of construction and again during the first full growing season managing the site where needed. Our proactive approach facilitates positive progress which leads the site to establish its own self-sustaining and dynamic equilibrium. Annual status reports documenting performance standards, site conditions and system health must be prepared and submitted to the regulatory agencies in each year of the monitoring period. These reports include a proposed plan for adaptive management or corrective action for the following growing season.