Regulatory Compliance & Permitting Approvals

The GreenVest team embraces and solves challenging and complex problems by guiding our clients through the through the maze of ever-changing Federal, State and local environmental rules and regulations, including satisfaction of compensatory mitigation requirements and regulatory compliance. This comes from a thorough understanding of laws and regulations, combined with 20 years of project based experience.  Our precise but fluid, holistic approach identifies potential hurdles early in the process, thus avoiding road blocks that can lead to costly delays in the permitting process, while allowing the flexibility needed to efficiently navigate through compliance related matters to approvals.

Securing entitlement can only be achieved through a clear understanding of how to work with site constraints and within the regulatory framework. The GreenVest team possesses a long and successful track record of securing complex entitlements from local, State and Federal agencies and other stakeholder groups.  Our innovative approach fosters a sense of partnership with the issuing authorities and ensures that the sites selected and acquired are approved of appropriately for the envisioned mitigation.

Our diverse client base includes utilities in the gas, oil and electric industries, insurance companies, finance and lending institutions, engineering/architectural firms, energy producers, transportation agencies and other Governmental Agencies, in-house corporate counsel, developers, industry, and private law firms.  Whether obtaining approvals, providing guidance, addressing specific compliance-related matters, or securing entitlements, our services provide sage, cost effective counsel for our clients’ benefit or that of their clients. More recently we are leading a charge in the Chesapeake Bay watershed to help establish policies and rules to advance restoration of stormwater system by utilizing water quality credit projects.