Broadneck Mitigation Site

Project Summary: The Broadneck Mitigation Site is an ideal site for the development and provision of Forest and FIDS habitat ecosystem services credits. This site presents a unique opportunity to restore, enhance and preserve a large tract of existing, but under-managed, forest, agricultural fields, and forest cut areas. The site possesses a large section of interior providing opportunities through restoration and enhancement to lift structure, complexity, vegetative diversity, habitat diversity and wildlife habitat quality for Forest Interior Dwelling Species (FIDS) as well as threatened and endangered (T&E) species. The site’s value as a mitigation bank is amplified by its integral connection to a large, designated Green Infrastructure Assessment (GIA) Corridor. Verified through field research conducted over the past 2.5 years by GreenVest, the site contains nine Key Wildlife Habitats of Greatest Conservation Need (HGCN) in varying states of functionality.

GreenVest is currently in the process of advancing the idea of creating a biodiversity bank on this site with several values, starting with Forest and FIDS; other values might include Nutrients, Stream, Wetlands and Habitat and T&E (Threatened and Endangered Species) habitat. The purpose of creating a bank would be to generate entitlement and sell various credit values to third parties to offset permitted impacts to similar resources and potentially address violations under various State and Federal enforcement initiatives.

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