Elizabeth Mitigation Bank

Union Township, Union County, NJ | Arthur KIll Watershed

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Project Summary: GreenVest is currently in the process of seeking regulatory approvals to establish a freshwater wetland mitigation bank along the West Branch, a tributary to the Elizabeth River. Upon approval the Elizabeth River Mitigation Bank would offer freshwater wetland and riparian zone credits to satisfy State/Federal mitigation requirements as well as enforcement related impacts within the entire the Arthur Kill watershed basin (WMA 07).

The proposed Elizabeth River Mitigation Bank is a ±24.22 acre functionally impaired and degraded headwater wetland complex, consisting predominately of a monotypic stand of Phragmites australis. The remnant and isolated patches of forested, scrub-shrub and emergent communities are reminiscent of this site’s historic composition and indicate the site’s potential for ecological lift. The site is flanked by the West Branch of the Elizabeth River and contains an un-named tributary that runs through the site. GreenVest proposes to eradicate the monoculture colonies of invasive species and enhance/restore the functionally impaired headwater wetland/aquatic system by enhancing existing hydrology/hydraulics. Additional restoration efforts include, re-establishing native plant species composition and structure, improving wildlife habitat, and improving local flood storage and local/regional water quality. The ERMB site is located within one of few remaining remnant freshwater wetland complexes in the highly urbanized Watershed Management Area 7 (WMA 7).

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