Lawrence Brook Mitigation Site

City of New Brunswick, Middlesex County, NJ | Lower Raritan Watershed

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Project Summary: This 25 acre site is located on stretch of land borders both both the Lawrence Brook and the Raritan River. Historically, the Lawrence Brook site was used for agricultural production and was severely ditched for mosquito control. Prior to restoration, the entire 25 acre wetland portion of this site was dominated by 100% cover of common reed (Phragmites australis). The purpose of the project was to provide turnkey mitigation for wetland and riparian zone impacts associated with the former National Lead Site Remediation and Redevelopment, located in Sayreville, NJ along the banks of the Raritan River.

The Lawrence Brook project successfully enhanced and restored 25 acres of intertidal marsh along the Raritan River and the Lawrence Brook, as well as the Floodplain Forest on the interior wetland portions of the site. Restoration efforts re-established targeted native plant communities for freshwater and inter-tidal wetland systems, including species richness, biotic diversity, increased systemic structure and micro-habitats for wildlife habitat. Furthermore, by restoring connectivity between the intertidal marsh plain and the river we greatly enhanced habitat for the base of the food chain, including green and fiddler crabs plus mud minnows and juvenile fish, which in turn increased foraging habitat for wading birds and other species of wildlife. Completed restoration efforts resulted in increased protection and habitat enhancement for wading birds, waterfowl, forest dwelling birds, and other threatened and endangered species—eg. yellow and black crowned night heron, great blue heron, little blue heron, snowy egret, green heron, coopers hawk, osprey, bald eagle and diamond back terrapin.

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