Prior to restoration, the site was an active farm field located in an area that was historically a headwater wetland complex.

The site is being restored to a scrub-shrub, forested wetland complex.  Restoration measures included sowing the former agricultural fields with a custom made native seed mix and planting them with a mix of native trees and shrubs.

Within just one growing season, the site has developed a diverse habitat of native trees, shrubs, and grasses and is on its way to maturing towards a scrub-shrub, forested wetland community.

Manasquan River Mitigation Bank

Howell Township, Monmouth County, NJ | Monmouth Watershed

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Available Credits

  • Freshwater Wetland Credits
  • Riparian Zone Credits

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Project Summary: The Manasquan River Mitigation Bank was created to provide compensation for permitted impacts to wetlands, transition area, riparian zone, and/or critical wildlife habitat. Freshwater wetland credits can be purchased to satisfy State/Federal mitigation requirements as well as enforcement related impacts within the entire Monmouth Watershed Management Areas (WMA 12). Riparian zone credits can also be purchased to satisfy State mitigation requirements within the same Monmouth Watershed Management Area (WMA 12).

The Manasquan River Bank restored historic forested wetland structure, hydrology, function and value in the headwaters of Marsh Bog Brook and the Manasquan River. The 14.44 acre site was originally comprised of modified agricultural wetlands with small pockets of upland, presenting an ideal opportunity to achieve significant ecological lift. Headwater wetlands and streams have long been subject to degradation through channelization and drainage for agriculture excess discharge of storm water and removal of riparian forest communities, but by completing the proposed restoration/enhancement/creation activities GreenVest was able to restore this vital headwater wetland into an integrated complex of hardwood forested and scrub-shrub wetlands, and floodplain forest.

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