Matchaponix Mitigation Site

Monroe Township, Middlesex County, NJ | Lower Raritan, South River, and Lawrence Watershed

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Project Summary: The 40 acre site was historically ditched and drained to facilitate intensive agricultural production. Sections of the site have regenerated, but are hydrologically impaired by the ditch network, and prior to our intervention the remainder of the site was farmed in a corn/soy rotation. GreenVest provided a fixed price, turnkey mitigation solution to compensate for permitted impacts to wetlands, riparian zone and critical aquatic wildlife habitat, associated with Phase II of the former National Lead site remediation and redevelopment.

The primary ecological components included 28.25 acres of ditched, drained and impaired forested wetland habitat; 7.50 acres of modified wetland agricultural fields; 3.39 acres of modified upland agricultural fields; and 0.40 acres of invasive species dominated upland forest. Restoration/enhancement measures included hydraulic/hydrologic (“HH”) enhancement of impaired headwater forested wetland; enhancement of wetlands and uplands in agricultural production; vernal habitat creation/enhancement; and wildlife habitat restoration/enhancement. HH enhancement involved selectively plugging drainage ditches that were installed (historically) to increase the arability of the agricultural production on the site. The proposed project resulted in restoration/enhancement of 40+ acres of headwater, forested and scrub/shrub wetlands and uplands, as well as wildlife habitat for endangered bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) and threatened silver-bordered fritillary (Boloria selene myrina), among others.

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