Piscataway Creek Mitigation Site

Clinton, Prince George’s County, MD / Middle Potomac Watershed

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Project Summary: GreenVest was commissioned by the Baltimore District of the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the United States Air Force at Joint Base Andrews (JBA) to provide fixed price, turnkey mitigation for 11.43 acres of freshwater wetland impacts associated with the West Runway Repair Project.

GreenVest identified this urban site, negotiated with the landowner to secure permission for JBA to complete all of its required mitigation on this one parcel, developed the mitigation design, and secured securing final regulatory approvals. The Piscataway Creek Mitigation Site (PCMS) will generate 12.5 non-tidal wetland mitigation units to offset 11.42 acres of permanent non-tidal wetland impacts as well as the temporal loss that occurred from the lag time between when the impacts occurred and when the mitigation will be implemented. The mitigation project will entail the preservation of 50.98 acres of high quality, non-tidal wetlands, the creation of 9.27 acres of non-tidal wetlands, and the restoration of 1.37 acres of non-tidal wetlands—totaling 62.62 acres of restored, preserved and fully integrated non-tidal wetlands in the headwaters of Piscataway Creek.

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