Southard Road Mitigation Site

Howell Township, Monmouth County, NJ | Monmouth County Watershed

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Project Summary: GreenVest provided fixed price, turnkey mitigation on the Southard Road site to satisfy mitigation requirements for unavoidable impacts resulting from roadway, shoulder and interchange improvement and expansion activities for the New Jersey Turnpike Authority (NJTA) Garden State Parkway (GSP) Mile Marker (MM) 83-100 Improvement Project. This 33 acre site in the headwater region of the Manasquan River and prior to restoration, was an actively farmed agricultural field. Upon completion of the proposed restoration, the project resulted in 33 acres of restored and fully integrated forested, headwater wetlands and riparian zone, which is be preserved in perpetuity. Of the 33+ acres, 10 acres consist of existing forested riparian zone, and the balance of the site (23 acres) consists of intensively farmed prior converted wetlands. The Southard Road Mitigation project increased ecological functions and values, including water quality, groundwater recharge, and stream base flow, nutrient/sediment cycling on-site and within the Manasquan River Basin. On-site restoration efforts helped maintain the integrity of a large-scale forested headwater system and functionally re-establishing targeted native plant communities and integrating them with existing system components. The project included Hydrologic/Hydraulic enhancement, including minor excavation (less than 1 foot) and grading, in agricultural/modified agricultural fields, strategic ditch plugging/filling. Finally, restoration increased sediment trapping, restored historic patterns of nutrient cycling, and restored/preserved critical wildlife habitat.

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