Rancocas Mitigation Bank

Eastampton Township, Burlington County, NJ | Assicunk, Crosswicks, and Doctors Watershed

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Available Credits

  • Freshwater Wetland Credits
  • Riparian Zone Credits—Pending Approval

Please contact us for more information: action@greenvestus.com

Project Summary: The Rancocas Mitigation Bank was created to provide compensation for permitted impacts to wetlands, transition area, riparian zone, and/or critical wildlife habitat. Credits can be purchased to satisfy State/Federal mitigation requirements as well as enforcement related impacts within the entire Assicunk, Crosswicks, and Doctors Watershed (WMA 20). The Rancocas Bank encompasses approximately 400 acres of forested wetlands, forested uplands, and former agricultural lands. It represents one of the largest contiguous forested areas in northwestern Burlington County. The project resulted in a fully integrated system combining old growth and restored forest creating a large area of intact interior habitat. Interventions included, the restoration, enhancement and preservation of floodplain forest, vernal habitat, early successional forest, and scrub-shrub/emergent marsh. The project site contains Critical Wildlife Habitat for interior dwelling and cavity nesting bird species including state listed species such as barred owl, sharp shinned hawk and coopers hawk. Furthermore, the site contains confirmed foraging habitat for state listed great blue heron, wood turtle and eastern box turtle, as well as confirmed habitat for the federally endangered bog turtle along the riparian zone of Barks Brook.

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