Umbrella Mitigation Bank / Mattawoman Creek Mitigation Site

Pomfret Township, Charles County, MD | Lower Potomac Watershed

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Project Summary:

GreenVest (GV) was commissioned to develop a stream and wetland Umbrella Mitigation Bank to mitigate for impacts tied to planned federal government capital improvement projects. Umbrella Mitigation Banks allow their sponsor to scale up, by adding mitigation sites and mitigation credits over time—allowing sponsors to address planned mitigation needs incrementally, across multiple watersheds, and in advance of anticipated impacts.

By implementing this bank, GV’s government client can ensure that any planned improvement projects resulting in wetland or stream impacts are mitigated for in advance of the actual impacts. This eliminates any temporal loss of ecological functions/values by efficiently and cost effectively satisfying future mitigation needs without delaying or limiting vital capital improvement projects.

The Mattawoman Creek Mitigation Site (MCMS) is the primary site in this single-user umbrella mitigation bank. MCMS is expected to generate up to 42 non-tidal wetland credits and almost 3,800 stream credits. The project consists of 80.95 acres of creation, restoration, enhancement and preservation of forested, non-tidal wetland habitat and 3,798 linear feet of stream and stream buffer restoration.

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