Brandon Carr


EXPERIENCEBrandon is responsible for the fence construction and maintenance of our sites, including control of invasive species and upkeep of the sites function. He also helps with the monitoring of our sites, which includes the identification of native/non-native trees and shrubs. Brandon has a strong background in construction of deer fence and with his knowledge he builds and plans that phase of our site construction. Brandon’s construction background comes from several years of building residential and commercial fence. Along with that Brandon has been involved with many aspects of agricultural since High School. He managed a game bird farm where he was responsible for raising birds from chick to maturity and sales of the birds to clients. This responsibility also came with monitoring the health of the animals, scheduling of feed deliveries, properly estimating and timing the growth of the animals to maximize cost benefits and coordinating with other farms to work on pricing of the product. Brandon also worked with a dairy farm where he held responsibility of everyday tasks; these included feeding and care of animals, field work, milking of cattle, and maintenance of machines. Brandon is also handy with the operating of machinery. He is also a licensed NJDEP Pesticide Operator.

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