Cowan Sikora

EDUCATION – B.S./2019/Ecology and Environmental Sciences, Concentration in Soil and Water Science, Minor in Biology-University of Maine

SCHOLARLY PUBLICATIONS – Wood, Z.T.; Booth, C.E.; Robinson, R.R.; Van Gorden, R.C.; Sikora, C.J.; Paisker, M.R.; Palkovacs, E.P.; Kinnison, M.T. (2020). Urbanization drives phenotypic evolution in mosquitofish. Evolutionary Ecology Research, 20.

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EXPERIENCE – Cowan has over 3 years of experience as an environmental scientist/ecologist. His interest in freshwater systems lead him to numerous jobs throughout his college career. He started working for Aquatic Technologies during the summer when he was back home in New Jersey. Cowan was responsible for applying herbicides and algaecides to control the growth of invasive aquatic vegetation and algae in lakes. During the school year, he worked in an evolutionary applications lab analyzing morphological features of mosquitofish and identifying zooplankton families. The project looked at how the physical and biological dimensions of shoreline urbanization interact to drive phenotypical evolution of mosquitofish. Cowan also worked in the University of Maine’s School of Forest Resources soil testing lab, where he analyzed soil samples for parameters like organic matter percentage and pH. Cowan graduated from the University of Maine in 2019 with a B.S. in Ecology and Environmental Sciences. Cowan started as an intern with GreenVest and is now a Field Technician. He is responsible for site maintenance, non-native plant control, fence construction, monitoring and plantings.

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