Mitigation Banking: A Sustainability Tool Here to Stay

by Shane Mudd | November 14, 2014

Developing successful mitigation strategies requires experience and knowledge across a wide range of disciplines, and one of the essential elements is real estate law. GreenVest Managing Member Doug Lashley has a paper published in the latest edition of the legal periodical Real Estate Review by Thomson Reuters, “Mitigation Banking: A Sustainability Tool Here to Stay,” that reviews the full range of economic, environmental, and legal factors at work in the mitigation banking industry.  The paper reviews the historical drivers of mitigation banking as well as the current state of natural resource protection, and looks to the future with innovative solutions to maximize the effectiveness of the mitigation banking system and provide greatest environmental benefit.

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The article is reprinted with permission from Real Estate Review, Volume 43, number 3, ©2014 Thomson Reuters.

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