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We develop ecological assets by restoring ecosystem functions and resilience. Over the years, our projects have improved water quality, improved threatened and endangered species’ habitat, sequestered thousands of pounds of carbon, and protected the land in perpetuity. Here’s a quick look at a few ways we have had a positive impact.

  • 125,931

    linear feet of streams created, restored, and enhanced
  • 1,991.25

    acres of wetlands created, restored, enhanced, and preserved



  • 31,275,743

    pounds per year of suspended solids reduced
  • 9,558

    pounds per year of phosphorous reduced
  • 30,105

    pounds per year of nitrogen reduced
  • 29

    years in business

Core Service Areas

  • Feasibility Assessments & Due Diligence

    Feasibility Assessments & Due Diligence

    GreenVest evaluates feasibility by assessing a site’s natural resource opportunities and constraints, informing our clients’ acquisition and development decisions. Assessment results guide our clients to the highest and best use of property, maximizing the restoration opportunities and associated economic benefits while minimizing risk. A key capability is assessing conservation asset values that are found in land of all types.

  • Greenvest LLC Land Acquisition
    Land Acquisition & Management

    Land Acquisition & Management

    Identifying promising land parcels begins at the watershed, corridor, or planning area level, followed by targeting key private parcels within the study area, aiming for strategically located pieces which are flanked by other lands that provide additional opportunity for ecological uplift, sustainability, and resilience. GreenVest’s in-house expertise is unparalleled in identifying and securing access to the best pieces of land to generate nature-based restoration and resilience solutions. We partner with landowners to create win-win value—stabilizing property, maintaining and enhancing existing use, purchasing land rights at fair value, and reducing the property’s tax burden. We determine the highest and best use for a piece of land, enhancing the proposed ecological use while respecting the proposed or existing “built-environment.”

  • Greenvest LLC permitting And Regulatory Compliance
    Permitting & Regulatory Compliance

    Permitting & Regulatory Compliance

    GreenVest applies out of the box thinking to generate creative and innovative solutions to solving our clients’ problems. Our team of scientists, land-use professionals, and attorneys stay current on new developments and actively influence policy and regulatory changes. We establish consensus around the competing priorities of permit solutions, based on a reputation for excellence in the industry, our knowledge of the relevant regulations, laws, and rules, and relationships with the regulatory authorities. Our ability to obtain permits and approvals built upon established consensus enables us to achieve multiple objectives and maximize value for our clients. At GreenVest, successfully navigating through an ever changing and complex sea of regulation is an invaluable asset for our clients, providing compliance, cost, and schedule certainty.

  • Greenvest project Development
    Project & Program Management

    Project & Program Management

    Our clients appreciate the fact that, as developers, GreenVest uniquely understands the importance of cash flow and timelines, technical and regulatory hurdles, programmatic directives, and political mandates. We manage each effort as if it were our own, applying our unique experience and perspective as developers to achieve highly successful results. GreenVest’s success relies on our core strength in managing projects and programs. Our mantra is communication, collaboration, and coordination, which are hallmarks of successful management. GreenVest quarterbacks each phase of the project to ensure that results are delivered effectively and efficiently. No matter the scale, scope, or complexity of the effort, GreenVest knows that understanding the timing and order of the critical path is vital to achieving success. Managing a project or program, creating a restoration, resiliency, or compensatory mitigation plan, and accurately working the plan through to completion is a skill we have cultivated through experience.

  • Greenvest Ecosystem Restoration
    Ecosystem Restoration Design

    Ecosystem Restoration Design

    Designing living systems requires experience, understanding, and adaptive management. Successful project designs are informed by comprehensive due diligence yielding a thorough understanding of scientific and engineering processes and variables unique to each site. The design uses a flexible and creative approach to maximize site-based opportunities while respecting constraints yielding a functionally appropriate and constructable layout. This contextual and flexible approach facilitates an adaptively managed implementation resulting in compliant, self-maintaining, resilient, and fiscally sound solutions that maximize value to our clients and the communities we work in.

  • Greenvest Construction and Maintenance
    Construction & Site Maintenance

    Construction & Site Maintenance

    The process of building living systems is complex and dynamic. It requires experience, expertise, and collaboration, therefore GreenVest has adopted a fully integrated approach between our design, engineering, and construction teams. This high-level of integration effectively translates design into construction, applying adaptive management where needed to make workable field adjustments. GreenVest’s considerable experience, capacity, and flexibility in building nature-based solutions has allowed us to overcome a wide variety of construction-related challenges. GreenVest consistently completes construction within budget and on schedule.

    Monitoring begins immediately following the completion of construction to ensure that minor issues are identified and addressed while they are manageable. Frequent monitoring and adaptive management conducted by our in-house field team allows each site to achieve long term durability and our restored systems to reach self-maintaining equilibrium.

  • Fixed Price, Full Delivery

    GreenVest’s Fixed-Price, Full Delivery approach is a “performance based” method of expeditiously securing access to privately-owned land, fixing required mitigation costs upfront, and assuming 100% of the financial and performance-based risk. GreenVest’s successful and proprietary approach is tailored to meet each of our clients’ specific needs. This approach provides an efficient and cost-effective alternative to undertaking financial and performance-based risk. We use the term “full delivery” to capture the all-inclusive nature of the fixed price service. GreenVest has the ability to provide flexible payment options that align with our clients’ fiscal needs.

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  • Ecosystem Restoration & Resilience

    We use a nature-based approach and cutting-edge restoration techniques to create ecosystem and community resiliency. We work everywhere from logistically challenging urban environments to large scale rural projects. GreenVest routinely embraces complex problems and challenging conditions, that have the greatest need for innovative problem solving and yield the highest environmental and socioeconomic benefits.  We are constantly learning, evolving, and developing new methods of combining nature-based solutions with emerging technologies to produce contextually appropriate and durable results.

    Ecosystem Restoration & Resilience
  • Permitting and Regulatory Compliance

    GreenVest’s clients have many compliance needs that include but are not limited to: Clean Water Act Section 404 (wetland and stream) Mitigation, Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Reduction, Stormwater Management, Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) permits, Threatened and Endangered Species Impacts, Coastal Zone Management, Forest Conservation, and public access to nature.

    GreenVest delivers permitting and regulatory compliance solutions in two primary ways. We develop our own mitigation banks and sell credits on the open market to third parties. We develop permittee responsible mitigation (PRM) solutions on a fixed price, full delivery basis.

    Our process begins with site selection which ensures that we can develop an effective, efficient and regulatorily compliant solution for our clients. We then build consensus with regulatory authorities and other stakeholders which maintains progress by avoiding roadblocks.  A thoughtful, integrated, and collaborative approach to design yields the required mitigation and credit values while ensuring the highest probability of success.  Fixing the price upfront allows our clients to maintain their budget while our full delivery approach allows them to focus on their core business.

    ecosystem permitting for restoration by Greenvest LLC

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