GreenTrust Alliance Wins Award for “Excellence in Water Resources Management”

by McKenzi Heger | October 11, 2018

Greentrust Alliance Pin Oak Forest Award
Photo by Princeton Hydro

We’re proud to announce that the New Jersey American Water Resources Association (NJ-AWRA) recently awarded GreenTrust Alliance and Princeton Hydro the “Excellence in Water Resources Management” award for their work on the Pin Oak Forest Restoration Project in Woodbridge, NJ.

This prestigious award is presented annually to qualified nominees who execute exceptional design and implementation of water management practices, especially those that classify as nontraditional. With the help of a group of dedicated partners, including GreenVest, LLC, the Pin Oak Forest Conservation Area has been transformed from an environment in need of attention to a thriving habitat for both plants and wildlife.

Learn more about the project and award by checking out our recent press release.