A Field Trip to the Bacon Ridge Branch Stream Restoration Site

GreenVest Bacon Ridge Branch Stream Restoration Project Aerial ShotLast month, the GreenVest Maryland staff took a field trip to the Bacon Ridge Branch Stream Restoration Project Site at the Elks Camp Barrett in Annapolis. Our team members got to see the completed stream restoration firsthand, while our Operations Staff shared information about the project and what makes it so special. For those that spend most of their time in the Bowie and Baltimore offices, it was nice change of scenery while learning more about the physical environment that we all work to restore. Following our tour of the completed stream restoration project, we headed over to a local restaurant to enjoy each other’s company over drinks and appetizers. Here is what a few of us had to say:

GreenVest Staff Enjoying at Bacon Ridge Branch Stream Restoration Project

I was recently able to visit one of GreenVest’s stream restoration projects I managed in 2019–2020. I have not been able to visit since we finished the 17,000+ LF project in April 2020, with the planting of about 33,000 whips and bare roots. Since then, the formerly 6–15+ feet incised channels are at a stable near-bank full stage due to the numerous all-wood beaver dam analogs installed from wood harvested on site. The groundwater levels raised three feet between the valley walls, beaver and yellow perch have returned in some spots, and formerly disconnected wetland seed banks have sprouted and are flourishing. I don’t get out much these days but returning to witness the fruits of this monumental team effort with the whole Maryland Staff was its own reward!
-Max Breslin, Project Manager

GreenVest Staff Walking at Bacon Ridge Branch Stream Restoration Project
I have been involved with the Elks project since it was in the design phase and spent a lot of time on site during construction and post-construction. It has been hard to convey the excitement of the project to colleagues who hadn’t had a chance to visit the site. The field trip was a great opportunity for everyone to see the project in person, better understand what was accomplished, and get a little excited themselves!
-Laura Kelm, Project Manager

As an office employee, I love a day out of the office! Well, I was able to attend a field trip to one of our restoration sites, Elks, in Annapolis MD. All I can say is: remarkable and job well done to everyone involved.
-Sarah Simpkins, Accountant

GreenVest Staff Visiting at Bacon Ridge Branch Stream Restoration ProjectI had the opportunity to visit the Bacon Ridge site in the winter of 2019. The project was still under construction and due to recent weather conditions, the mud came up to our knees. Because of the time of year, many of the plants were dormant and the trees were bare. This recent visit was like visiting a different site; the drastic transformation this site has taken is almost unbelievable. It was very inspiring to see how GreenVest’s work has progressed over that almost two-year period.
-Erin Benson, Corporate Counsel

I’m still relatively new to GreenVest and I spend nearly all of my time in the Bowie office, so though I had admired the great pictures of our sites, I had never actually been to one! I can tell you that it’s much better in person. It was absolutely amazing getting to walk through an example of what results from all the contracts, subcontracts, and real estate transactions that I work on. It was also great to have my colleagues explaining the science behind the project while we were surrounded by it and having the opportunity to ask questions. I feel like I have a much better understanding of the technical components of the project now.
-Dana Cooper, General Counsel

We look forward to future field trips to see other GreenVest successes!

GreenVest Staff on Bridge at Bacon Ridge Branch Stream Restoration Project