Jack Turner Presents at the Severn River Association

The Severn River Association (SRA) is the nation’s oldest organization dedicated to preserving a river. It’s also one of the largest civic groups in Anne Arundel County. GreenVest’s own Jack Turner, an Ecosystem Restoration Specialist and an SRA board member, recently had the opportunity to share some of his photography and knowledge about the diversity and importance of our area’s birds at a presentation for the organization.

Jack not only showcased the beauty of our local feathered friends, but also examined their behaviors and habits, why they are so important to the Severn ecosystem, and how attendees can help preserve and protect birds and their habitats.

Many hundreds of bird species call the Severn River watershed home, some all year long and others as they migrate to their seasonal spots. Sadly, bird populations have declined severely over the last 50 years, but the Severn still offers abundant opportunities to observe birds, including Great Blue Herons, Bald Eagles, Wood Ducks, and a bounty of Warblers.

Enjoy his presentation, as recorded by the SRA.