Mission + Vision Focused.

GreenVest, LLC is an environmental development and consulting firm, specializing in:

  • Ecological restoration
  • Mitigation services, and
  • Sustainable land planning.

We align financial goals with sustainable solutions to develop meaningful projects that have a positive impact on future generations.

GreenVest performs as both a principal on our mitigation/conservation bank projects and as a highly specialized service provider to our clients. Headquartered in Bowie, Maryland with additional offices in Tranquility, New Jersey and Baltimore, Maryland, we are a state and federally certified Small Business Enterprise (SBE), mitigation banking & ecological consulting firm with over 24 years of experience in developing restoration projects and mitigation banks in the mid-Atlantic region. GreenVest provides a full array of ecological, biological, land, and green infrastructure planning with a focus on durability and resiliency. At its core, GreenVest navigates all the economic, real-estate, construction, legal, construction management and regulatory compliance issues that must be resolved to complete a successful ecological restoration project. Helping our clients achieve their programmatic goals efficiently and effectively is our priority.

As principals, GreenVest intuitively understands the budgetary constraints, timeline considerations, technical and regulatory hurdles, and programmatic directives that must be met to advance and successfully complete projects. 

We have direct project experience in the restoration of floodplain, freshwater and tidal wetland systems, wildlife/rare and threatened and endangered (RTE) species habitats, riparian buffers, forested, and stream habitats. Our projects have ranged from large scale, rural, modified agricultural restorations to complex, urban, scarcity resource restoration—from the heart of New York City to Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay systems and beyond.

As a creator and aggregator of ecosystem service credits in numerous jurisdictions, GreenVest possesses the ability to create value where it was previously unknown.

GreenVest evaluates, creates and implements precise strategies.  Service providers such as utilities, insurance companies, financial lending institutions, engineering/architectural firms, energy producers, transportation and other governmental agencies, in-house corporate counsels, finance and lending institutions, developers, industry, and private law firms frequently employ our services to enhance their ability to provide sage, cost effective counsel to their clients. We have a long standing relationship and reputation for delivering high quality and successful ecosystem restoration and mitigation with a host of State and Federal agencies including: the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Maryland Department of the Environments, United States Army Corp of Engineers New York, Baltimore and Philadelphia Districts, National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, US Environmental Protection Agency Region 2 and US Fish and Wildlife Service.