Upcoming 2018 GreenVest Bank Projects

Wetland mitigation bank

by McKenzi Heger | July 13, 2018 In the coming months, we have a total of four big projects starting up and we’re excited to share them with you. As an environmental development and consulting firm specializing in mitigation services, … Continue reading

Marsh Gets A New Life

by Karen Knight | July 7, 2017  SHARK ISLAND – About a half mile from Avalon, marshes, which are a part of the New Jersey-Cape May Wetlands Wildlife area, have experienced a decrease in vegetation caused by: * Rising sea … Continue reading

Do you know what this bird is called?

by Jay Dixon | April 12, 2016 The black skimmer (Rynchops niger) is an endangered species within the state of New Jersey. In New Jersey, black skimmers nest on open sandy beaches, inlets, and offshore islands along the Atlantic Coast … Continue reading