Benefits of Riparian Buffers

mullica river mitigation bank

by McKenzi Heger | September 17, 2019 Riparian buffers can benefit our environment in many ways. From preventing erosion to abating flood and storm damage and providing vital wildlife habitat, these vegetated riparian buffers are important to maintaining and improving … Continue reading

Restoring & Protecting Wetlands

by McKenzi Heger | August 14, 2019 When it comes to our environment, a little can go a long way, especially when it comes to wetland restoration. You may be asking yourself – what is wetland restoration, and why is … Continue reading

Watersheds: What You Need to Know

mullica river watershed

by McKenzi Heger | April 29, 2019 Watersheds are found everywhere – the land beneath your feet, your backyard, mountains and valleys and even the strip of grass on the side of the highway. But wait, there’s no water nearby. … Continue reading

What is Stream Restoration?

stream restoration grading

by McKenzi Heger | January 11, 2019 Stream restoration is more than just stabilizing and repairing stream channels, it also revitalizes and protects the health of our watersheds and aquatic ecosystems. Described as “a set of activities that help improve … Continue reading

Stormwater Management: Why It’s Important

stormwater management runoff

by McKenzi Heger | December 10, 2018 The importance of an effective stormwater management system is imperative to your safety and the health of the environment. We recently announced a 20-year contract with the City of Annapolis, so the local benefits … Continue reading