Upcoming 2018 GreenVest Bank Projects

by McKenzi Heger | July 13, 2018

In the coming months, we have a total of four big projects starting up and we’re excited to share them with you. As an environmental development and consulting firm specializing in mitigation services, ecological restoration, and sustainable land planning, we thrive off of acquiring new projects. They help aide in our mission of developing sustainable solutions to environmental inconsistencies while leaving a lasting impression on future generations. The following projects are located in both Maryland and New Jersey and include mitigation and restoration of wetland property.

Our first upcoming project, the Mattawoman Creek Mitigation Bank Site, begins this month in Pomfret Township, Charles County, Maryland. With a total of 80.9 acres, the project will benefit the Department of Defense’s Joint Base Andrews and comprises of re-establishment of historic wetlands, creation and preservation of the non-tidal wetland buffer, stream restoration, and wetland creation and restoration, which includes both rehabilitation and hydrology and hydraulics enhancement (H&H).

Oradell mitigation bankThis fall, we have a total of three new projects emerging including the Western Branch Non-Tidal Wetland Mitigation Site, the Oradell Reservoir Mitigation Bank project, and Jamesburg Park Wetland Enhancement Project. The Western Branch Non-Tidal Wetland Mitigation Site, located in Upper Marlboro, Prince George’s County, Maryland, will be constructed to benefit the Washington Gas & Light Co. The project will provide nearly of one and a half wetland mitigation units through half an acre of non-tidal wetland creation from upland, over one acre of non-tidal wetland restoration and rehabilitation, half an acre of existing forested wetland preservation, and one third of an acre of both wetland buffer preservation and restoration.

Also beginning this fall is the Oradell Reservoir Mitigation Bank project, which is located in the Borough of Haworth and Closter, Bergen County, New Jersey. This project involves a 44.37 acre mitigation bank that will comprise of upland forested enhancement within disturbed upland areas dominated by invasive species, forested and scrub/shrub freshwater wetland restoration (including impaired wetland areas dominated by common reed, scientifically known as Phragmites Australis), as well as forest and scrub/shrub freshwater wetland creation within disturbed uplands.

Lastly, starting in September 2018, GreenVest will begin constructing the Jamesburg Park Conservation Area, located in Helmetta Borough, Middlesex County, New Jersey. Our team will aim to enhance the 15.46 acre wetland, which will consist of the re-establishment of an Atlantic White Cedar swamp that is currently comprised of a common reed (Phragmites Australis) that is dominating the community.

GreenVest has a busy few months ahead! We will be providing updates on our upcoming projects on our Facebook page, so be sure to give us a “like” to stay in the know. If you have a project you’d like to discuss, contact us.