Ellicott City, MD Flood & Storm Water Involvement

by McKenzi Heger | June 25, 2018

The recent devastation in Howard County’s downtown Ellicott City has opened up the door to a host of conversations, including finding a creative solution to the flooding incidents that plagued July 2016 and, more recently, May 2018. A sense of urgency and openness to finding a solution in the community has grown exponentially due to sudden economic distress for businesses in Ellicott City, property damage to both retail and private homes, injuries, dislocation of families, and the loss of life.

river watershedAddressing these issues requires significant key planning, design, and construction efforts that come along with correcting the upstream conditions within the watershed, which have played a momentous role in the downstream location of Ellicott City. In order to successfully overcome these issues, a collaborative effort amongst multiple agencies, paired with extensive funding opportunities, is necessary to benefit Ellicott City, its businesses, and residents. A public-private partnership (also known as a P3 structure) would be the best structure for this situation, as it will allow for a private sector “quarterback”. This arrangement brings numerous Federal, State and local public agencies and a private sector entity together, providing their services as one for the benefit of the general public.

Speaking of, GreenVest has been working hard on becoming the lead private partner within the P3 structure, providing full delivery restoration and best management practices for both flood and storm water runoff associated with one aspect of the Ellicott City problem, the Tiber River watershed. If selected, our goal will be to demonstrate the effectiveness of a P3 solution for Ellicott City’s particular needs and increase the chances of the model being replicated across the State of Maryland with other holdings in selected watersheds. This would hopefully open the door for resiliency planning in conjunction with other Chesapeake Bay water quality objectives, generating major cost savings and increased efficiency for Maryland and served communities.

GreenVest has worked hard for over 2 years to successfully overcome various political and procurement hurdles involving a solution for Ellicott City. Between conducting meetings and having discussions with University of Maryland and Howard County key management officials, team players and contractors in support of the P3 initiative, GreenVest has kept the Governor’s staff and other key State agency officials fully abreast of all developments. We are one step closer each day to a solution.

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