“A tree that is unbending is easily broken.”

One thing 2020 has really tested is our individual and collective flexibility. Flexibility at home, with work, and with each other. And what we’ve learned is—especially when we work together—the more we can stretch, the more we can reach.  At GreenVest we are optimistic, if not enthusiastic, about the relief modern science will bring to 2021.  The unexpected challenges of 2020 have caused a focus on the relationship between resilience, safety, quality of life, and a healthy environment, and reinforced the need to respond with innovation, flexibility, and the same level of persistence we bring to every challenge.

We are grateful for all we were able to accomplish in 2020 as a company, and with our respected and revered partners, we advanced an exemplary level of environmental stewardship and advocacy for ecological restoration.  Notable accomplishments included developing effective and efficient safety policies and procedures that allowed GV to continue functioning, safely, as an essential business.  Innovative thinking allowed us to pivot and collaborate with each other, stakeholders, our partners, and regulators to advance our projects and support our business strategies.  Like many we implemented a virtual work policy that facilitated a significant degree of flexibility.  We not only retained all our staff, but also added new positions.  We want to thank every member of the GV team for their professionalism and dedication.  We are also grateful to our partners for their hard work and commitment to our collective success.  We would be remiss if we did not commend the entire regulatory community in how seamlessly they handled challenges, and their willingness to embrace technology to keep projects on course.

GreenVest was fortunate in 2020 to generate several new restoration and resiliency-based opportunities in New Jersey and throughout the Chesapeake Bay Region.  GV also initiated and continued construction on various streams and wetland restoration projects. Additionally, we completed construction and successfully closed annual maintenance and monitoring on multiple restoration sites, all of which outperformed our expectations. To celebrate these successes, we will be releasing a new category each week, highlighting our different project phases: New Opportunities & Projects Awarded; Construction Commencement, Advancement, & Completion; Maintenance & Monitoring; Credit Releases; and Other Noteworthy Accomplishments. We are proud to have persevered by relying on our core values, prudent leadership, and strong partnerships mixed with a healthy dose of tenacity.  It is with humility and gratitude that we embrace our resilience in one of the most challenging years since our inception.

Though 2020 was a challenging year, it has been a rewarding one. The GreenVest staff is thankful for another successful year of implementing nature-based solutions with our clients, landowners, and project partners.

We encourage meaningful collaboration and questions. The challenges to sustainable practices and demands caused by the continued advances of climate change, rising tides, and impacts to air and water mean we must think out of the box, take some chances, make corrections, learn from experiences, and then continue to work to restore and protect all ecosystem values.  We may not know exactly where 2021 will take us but rest assured, we will be planting seeds to foster responsible environmental stewardship and inspire positive change. GreenVest is looking forward to a safe and prosperous 2021!

Keep an eye out for next week: New Opportunities & Projects Awarded!