Stream Restoration Series – Partner Testimonials

A core part of GreenVest’s business is our relationships with a truly remarkable group of firms who are leaders in the environmental restoration field. We work with talented engineers, contractors, surveyors, landscapers, and more to accomplish each of our projects.

Here are some words and pictures that our distinguished engineering partners have shared regarding the importance of stream restoration:


“It is great to be able to work with GreenVest to implement innovative, cutting edge projects like Elks Camp. I enjoy sharing these ideas with the larger restoration community to identify and elevate the kind of stream restoration that will cost effectively deliver the goals while also delivering a lower carbon footprint.”

-Joe Berg

Senior Restoration Ecologist – Biohabitats, Inc.


“Since our founding over two decades ago, Princeton Hydro has aimed to incorporate nature-based methods into our designs, especially for stream restoration. From designing the largest stream restoration in Maryland to leading the largest dam removal in New Jersey that restored fish passage for the first time in 100 years, we’re passionate about restoring our ecological systems.

“I first became interested in stream restoration projects in the early 1990s when a few professionals were pioneering different methods of restoration, including the incorporation of fluvial geomorphological analysis and biodegradable geotextile fabrics into their designs. Over the last three decades, stream restoration has evolved from the ‘old school’ rip rap everything, to ensuring that form, function, biological processes, and ecological uplift are primary elements of each project: and is now the main-stream approach, so to speak.”

-Geoff Goll, PE

President – Princeton Hydro


“I’ve always felt the magic of streams and rivers.  Twenty years ago, Jim Gracie introduced me to stream restoration and employed me for over a decade. While Jim has recently passed, his legacy lives on through the restored stream systems that continue to thrive, and through myself and others in the industry whom he taught and who continue to learn and fight to improve our waterways following decades of abuse. I love to walk through a restoration project years after construction and marvel at the transformation. Stream restoration has allowed me to work collaboratively with fellow passionate colleagues using my analytical and creative skills to leave this world a little better for the next generation. “

Shannon Lucas, PE

Senior Project Manager, Natural Resources – KCI Technologies, Inc.


In our final post of the series, we will explore one particular stream restoration project a little deeper. Along with one last testimonial from our Senior Project Manager, David Merkey, we will share his white paper chronicling our Bacon Ridge Branch Stream Restoration project—a project that would not have been nearly as successful without the collective work of GV and our wonderful partners.