One of our Ecosystem Restoration Specialists, Jack Turner, was engaged by the Monarch Academy of Glen Burnie to present to their first-grade class about birds and birding. Jack’s virtual presentation taught 75 students, numerous teachers, parents, and guardians all about birds’ colors, sizes, diets, habits, habitats, importance, and significance. The students were heavily engaged: asking and answering questions, telling stories, and sharing their favorite bird moments.

As Jack puts it:

“Having the opportunity to educate the next generation of environmentalists and birders was an experience I wouldn’t pass up. It was rewarding to teach the students about birds, and to hear their experience and perception of birds and the environment. The more we can build bridges with the next generations, the more they will care about environmental stewardship and the wildlife that need good habitat.”

GreenVest is proud to support our staff in their volunteer and extracurricular endeavors, and congratulates Jack on his work with the Monarch Academy class. While Anne Arundel County Public School regulations prohibit recording of full presentations, Jack is able to share his slide show in full. Unless otherwise noted, Jack took all of the wildlife photos in his presentation.