Maryland Department of Natural Resources Photo Contest

GreenVest’s Jack Turner, one of our Ecosystem Restoration Specialists, recently entered the Maryland Department of Natural Resource’s photo contest. His photo is a finalist for Fan Favorite! This contest is based on likes, so please visit this DNR Facebook post and give Jack’s photo a thumbs up. The winning photo will be featured in their 2023 calendar!

Vote for this photo by Jack Turner
Vote for this photo by Jack Turner

Here’s what Jack had to say about his photo:

“I shot this photo in the woods of Montgomery County while looking for migratory birds. While I didn’t see the species I was after, I did manage to catch this view of the sun rising up through the trees, and laid on the ground to capture the small fiddlehead ferns unfurling in the early spring. Sometimes you get a nice shot even when you don’t see what you had hoped for. The tall tulip poplars and tiny ferns blend together in a unique perspective that captures the beauty of our natural spaces.”

To vote for Jack, click on his photo and give it a thumbs up!