Paulins Kill Watershed Site Tour

Brian Cramer at Paulins Kill Watershed
Brian Cramer at Paulins Kill Watershed

Recently, the Stillwater Elementary School 5th Grade class took a field trip to a headwater wetland in the Paulins Kill Watershed. Paulins Kill is a tributary of the Delaware River in New Jersey (“kill” coming from a Dutch word for “stream”).

Brian Cramer's Presentation
Brian Cramer’s Presentation

In a program sponsored by the Foodshed Alliance, this visit was designed to help students understand the importance of the Watershed and its effects on all the residents, farmers, organizations, businesses, and municipalities in the area. Students also learned what they could do to help preserve the health of our waters: knowledge that would improve the health and safety of the entire area.

Team GV’s very own Vice President, Brian Cramer, was in attendance to conduct a site tour and presentation at one of the field trip’s stations. Brian discussed how wetlands evolve, their importance to the local environment, and the impacts of development on the health of wetlands, streams, and floodplains. After showcasing some of the plants and animals that depend on the wetlands for survival, Brian then spoke about the importance of wetland, stream, and floodplain restoration and preservation.

It was an exciting day to impart knowledge to the next generation of ecological scientists and we’re proud Brian Cramer was part of the program.