Planting the seeds of knowledge

“Young people will have the seeds you bury in their minds, and when they grow up, they will change the world.” – Jack Ma, entrepreneur, investor, and philanthropist

One of the best tools we can use to preserve the health of our planet is knowledge. And some of the most important minds to plant that knowledge in are those of children.

Diagram of Park

Recently, Bobby Miller—one of our Ecologists—spoke to a local third grade class about what GreenVest does to make the world a better place. Bobby is normally out in the field,  so virtually interacting with the wildlife that is a classroom was a fun change.

He spoke to the class about the connectedness of nature. Bobby showed them how what happens in streams and wetlands, such as diminishing water quality and erosion, can affect the soil and vegetation of neighboring areas. And, conversely, how native trees and vegetation can help strengthen waterways and prevent erosion.

The students learned about the advantages of biodiversity and how each part of an ecosystem is important. Bobby shared with them how GreenVest always uses native seeds and plants to improve and fortify ecosystems during our restoration and preservation projects: healing nature with nature.

The class also learned how some invasive species can move into environments and attempt to exploit their resources. Bobby explained how GreenVest is always on the watch for these harmful non-native organisms, and the steps we take to prevent them. This easily transitioned into describing how we actually monitor all sorts of wildlife communities in an attempt to make sure the locations where we work are left in perfect, natural harmony.

Diagram of Park

Bobby stressed again how everything is connected by teaching the kids how our homes and communities are affected by what happens to our environment. He showed that though we sometimes seem separate from nature inside our homes, we’re deeply and importantly linked. Things outside really do impact our communities, buildings, and overall health—and we most certainly affect the nature around us.

Not only did Bobby explain and show the students what he does (and what GreenVest does), he also led them in a practical exercise. The kids worked in teams to design their own version of “Preservation Park.” Preservation Park was an engaging way to reinforce preservation concepts, as the students created parks focusing on soil health and conservation, wetland protection, and pollution prevention. This exercise let the students learn by doing, considering real-life issues and problems, and experimenting with creative ways to solve those problems.

Diagram of Park

It was a very rewarding day for the students, Bobby, and GreenVest. We got to share our mission with the next generation, and guide them through an exercise to really hammer home the importance of all that we do. And the students got to learn from someone in the field how important and rewarding it is to work with, restore, and protect the environment.

GreenVest: planting the seeds of knowledge to grow tomorrow’s environmental preservationists.