Noteworthy Accomplishments – GreenVest 2020 Retrospective

GreenVest is proud to announce our upgrade from a Prince George’s County-Located Business to a Prince George’s County-Based Business. We show a continued commitment to our headquarter-county and look forward to future opportunities in the area.

While most conferences, seminars, and presentations looked a bit different recently, GreenVest had a presence and made contributions in 2020. At the National Mitigation and Ecosystem Banking Conference, GreenVest’s Senior Vice President, Brett Berkley, participated in a panel discussion on emerging market trends with other notable industry leaders including ASWM, Westervelt, and SWCA. Our Senior Project Manager, Dr. David Merkey, co-presented the results of GreenVest’s innovative Bacon Ridge Branch Stream Restoration project at Elk’s Camp Barrett with Joe Berg of Biohabitats (lead designer for the project) at MD Water Monitoring Council’s 2020 Annual Conference. The project was initiated to provide stream restoration based TMDL credits to SHA, however, the restoration techniques implemented had a tremendously positive impact on the hydrology of associated floodplain wetlands. The change in hydrology generated a tremendous amount of functional and ecological uplift throughout the system. Dr. Merkey has presented at many conferences, but this was his first virtual presentation. Click here to watch his recorded presentation online and be sure to keep an eye out for his white paper on the topic, which will be released in our next blog and posted on our website.

 In February, we sponsored the Anne Arundel County Watershed Stewards Academy Annual Conference and hosted a booth to promote watershed stewardship, share information about our local projects, and hand out Butterfly Milkweed seeds to attendees.

Thank you for following along as we reflected on GreenVest’s 2020. We look forward to what will come in 2021!

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