National Water Quality Month

Mattawoman Creek Mitigation Bank
Mattawoman Creek Mitigation Bank

There are approximately 332.5 million cubic miles (over 365 quintillion gallons) of water on our planet covering about 71% of the globe.

That sounds like a lot, but only about 1% is easily accessible freshwater in our rivers, streams, groundwater, and aquifers. That’s not a lot.

Because humans use so much water per day for agriculture, industry, and drinking, we need to protect and care for our planet’s water supply.

National Water Quality Month was founded by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2005. Celebrating both the Clean Water Act of 1972 and the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1974, National Water Quality Month is a time of reflection, attention, and re-invigoration of our efforts to preserve and protect Earth’s water.

Tinker's Creek Stream Restoration Project
Tinker’s Creek Stream Restoration Project

At GreenVest, we’re proud that our projects involve conserving and restoring wetlands, streams, and other natural systems. These environments not only provide a habitat for many species of animals, insects, and plants, but they also protect against and control erosion, flooding, and storm damage. Plus, wetlands are some of our planet’s natural water filters, purifying water that flows through.

All GV projects aim to improve local water quality. One example is the Tinkers Creek Stream Restoration Project, which provided mitigation for the Prince George’s County Department of the Environment by restoring over 7.6 miles of stream. This project reduced over 1,637 pounds of phosphorus, over 12,070 pounds of nitrogen, and over 10,084,376 pounds of sediment (over 5,000 tons)!

Pin Oak Conservation Area
Pin Oak Conservation Area

Company-wide, our projects have reduced an estimated 9,558 pounds of phosphorus, 30,105 pounds of nitrogen, and 31,304,216 pounds of sediment (over 15,000 tons)! To see more statistics supporting the GreenVest footprint, click here.

Our projects restore functionality and resilience to impaired systems in vulnerable communities. Using cutting-edge science combined with nature-based solutions, Team GV takes restoring and preserving our planet’s water quality very seriously. We celebrate another accomplishment with every project we complete. So, join us in celebrating National Water Quality Month and do your part to protect one of our planet’s most valuable resources.