• Greenvest LLC Ancillary Benefits: Carbon Sequestration at the Flat Swamp Mitigation Bank

    by Kevin Schneider | October 16, 2014 The primary purpose of the Flat Swamp Mitigation Bank (FSMB) – located on a 386-acre site in Craven County, NC in the Neuse River basin – was to achieve water quality improvements through the reduction of Nitrogen into the Neuse River watershed and establishment of stream buffers. The site, which originally supported forested wetlands before being converted to agriculture in the mid-1970s, contributed to the decline in water quality throughout the watershed where clearing, ditching, agriculture operations and conventional development had extensively degraded the Flat Swamp watershed. Recent studies have shown that restored…

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  • Greenvest LLC Thin Layer Marsh restoration

    by Damian Holynskyj | October 15, 2014 As part of our commitment to staying One Step Ahead…GreenVest has been actively developing new techniques and opportunities to restore lost salt marsh habitat that has been disappearing up and down the Eastern seaboard. These valuable marsh habitats have been eroding over the past hundred years as a result of sea level rise, lower accretion rates, and higher rates of anthropogenic erosion. In addition to losses of valuable ecological habitat, in many cases the loss of salt marshes near costal human populations, eliminates vital natural buffers and results in increased community vulnerability to…

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  • Greenvest LLC Salt marsh structure Restoration project

    by Doug Lashley | November 15, 2013 Salt marshes on a global scale are highly productive transition zones between marine and terrestrial habitats.  Salt marshes are often called the “nurseries of life,” providing sanctuary for thousands of aquatic, avian and terrestrial animals.  Migratory birds use these resources as resting, foraging and nesting sites year after year.  One third of our nation’s endangered species call these resources their permanent homes, while half utilize them some point in their life.  Salt marshes in particular contribute to the national economy by producing resources and commodities and providing other societal benefits. Salt marshes Yield…

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