Piscataway Creek Mitigation Site

  • Project Type: Ecosystem Restoration & Resilience
  • Watershed Name: Potamac
  • Client Type: Government Agencies
  • Status: Active

The Piscataway Creek Mitigation Site provides permittee responsible mitigation for 11.43 acres of freshwater wetland impacts for a government client and was developed in partnership with GreenTrust Alliance and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Baltimore District. The PCMS develops 12.5 non-tidal wetland mitigation units to offset 11.42 acres of permanent non-tidal wetland impacts and an associated temporal loss due to the lag time between when the impacts occurred and when the mitigation will ultimately be implemented. The mitigation project includes the preservation of 50.7 acres of high quality, non-tidal wetlands, the creation of 9.2 acres of non-tidal wetlands, the restoration of 1.4 acres of non-tidal wetlands, and the restoration of 1.8 acres of wetland buffer—for a total of 63 acres of restored, preserved and fully integrated non-tidal wetlands in the headwaters of Piscataway Creek.