Greenvest LLC Ecosystem restoration - cicadas and other insects

“…Being found in great multitudes all over the country, their noise made the cow-bells inaudible in the woods.” – Rev. Andreas Sandel, 1715. Though cicadas are mentioned in Homer’s Illiad, the above quote is possibly the first known written description of the Brood X cicada. Brood X was mentioned again 17 years later by botanist […]

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Greenvest LLC Flying Eagle

One of our Ecosystem Restoration Specialists, Jack Turner, was engaged by the Monarch Academy of Glen Burnie to present to their first-grade class about birds and birding. Jack’s virtual presentation taught 75 students, numerous teachers, parents, and guardians all about birds’ colors, sizes, diets, habits, habitats, importance, and significance. The students were heavily engaged: asking […]

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