The Importance of Wetlands in Hurricane-Damage Prevention

This photo from May 2020 shows the main stem of Bacon Ridge Branch on the right, with the floodplain on the left. The wattles on top of the stream bank and in the floodplain dissipate flow energies during overbank flow events.

“[Wetlands] are nature’s flood defenses and we need them now more than ever.” – Dr. Tom Fairchild, Swansea University Protecting our wetlands is important—this we know. From the life they support, to the food they provide, to the cleansing of our water and storage of harmful carbon, healthy wetlands are essential to the wellbeing of […]

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In-Situ Features GreenVest Success Story

Greenvest LLC In-Situ news story

GreenVest’s Bacon Ridge Branch Stream Restoration project has been a resounding success. (To view our White Paper about this project, click here.) This was one of the first stream restoration projects in the Mid-Atlantic region to use beaver dam analogues (engineered log jam structures more commonly used in the Northwest and Rocky Mountains), and we […]

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