National Water Quality Month

Tinker's Creek Stream Restoration Project

There are approximately 332.5 million cubic miles (over 365 quintillion gallons) of water on our planet covering about 71% of the globe. That sounds like a lot, but only about 1% is easily accessible freshwater in our rivers, streams, groundwater, and aquifers. That’s not a lot. Because humans use so much water per day for […]

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Jamesburg Park Restoration – 3 Years Later

Atlantic White Cedar Enhancement Area

The Jamesburg Park Conservation Area is one of GreenVest’s larger Middlesex County Wetland Restoration sites on county-owned parkland in New Jersey. Along with 4 others, this 13.5-acre mitigation site was funded by the New Jersey Freshwater Wetland In-Lieu-Fee program for the Middlesex County Parks Department. Working with project partners GreenTrust Alliance and Princeton Hydro, GreenVest […]

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Laura Kelm Presents at BeaverCon 2022

BeaverCon 2022 logo

Last month GreenVest Project Manager, Laura Kelm, presented at BeaverCon, a conference about beaver conflict management and watershed restoration. This year’s theme was “Building Climate Resilience: A Nature-Based Approach” which closely reflects GreenVest’s own values. Laura presented with project partner Biohabitat’s Senior Ecologist, Joe Berg, about the beaver at the Bacon Ridge Branch Stream Restoration […]

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Beavers: Unexpected Partners at Bacon Ridge Branch Stream Restoration Project

Beaver dam on top of log jam

With each new stream restoration project, we employ a variety of techniques to bring the stream and its surrounding ecosystem back to health. For the Bacon Ridge Branch Stream Restoration Project, we used a ‘lighter touch’ approach that leveraged on-site materials to create structures that raised the water surface elevation and reconnected the stream to […]

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GreenVest’s Laura Kelm Featured on In-Situ Podcast

GreenVest's Laura Kelm Featured on In-Situ's AQUAPOD Podcast

Project Manager, Laura Kelm, was interviewed for In-Situ’s AQUAPOD podcast to talk about her work on restoration and mitigation projects. Take some time to listen to what Laura has to say about her experiences with restoring hydrologic function, reducing sediment and nutrient flow into the Chesapeake Bay, and improving habitat. “It was great to talk […]

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A Field Trip to the Bacon Ridge Branch Stream Restoration Site

GreenVest Staff on Bridge at Bacon Ridge Branch Stream Restoration Project

Last month, the GreenVest Maryland staff took a field trip to the Bacon Ridge Branch Stream Restoration Project Site at the Elks Camp Barrett in Annapolis. Our team members got to see the completed stream restoration firsthand, while our Operations Staff shared information about the project and what makes it so special. For those that […]

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Tinkers Creek Stream Restoration Completion

Tinkers Creek Thriving Post Construction

GreenVest, LLC and Petro Design Build Group, under the GV-Petro Joint Venture, LLC, recently completed construction of the Tinkers Creek Stream Restoration Project. The Project is a full-delivery solution for the Prince George’s County Department of the Environment (DOE) to comply with their total maximum daily load (TMDL) and Impervious Acres Treated requirements as part […]

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The Importance of Wetlands in Hurricane-Damage Prevention

This photo from May 2020 shows the main stem of Bacon Ridge Branch on the right, with the floodplain on the left. The wattles on top of the stream bank and in the floodplain dissipate flow energies during overbank flow events.

“[Wetlands] are nature’s flood defenses and we need them now more than ever.” – Dr. Tom Fairchild, Swansea University Protecting our wetlands is important—this we know. From the life they support, to the food they provide, to the cleansing of our water and storage of harmful carbon, healthy wetlands are essential to the wellbeing of […]

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In-Situ Features GreenVest Success Story

Greenvest LLC In-Situ news story

GreenVest’s Bacon Ridge Branch Stream Restoration project has been a resounding success. (To view our White Paper about this project, click here.) This was one of the first stream restoration projects in the Mid-Atlantic region to use beaver dam analogues (engineered log jam structures more commonly used in the Northwest and Rocky Mountains), and we […]

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Stream Restoration Series – White Paper

Greenvest LLC Stream Restoration Series - White Paper

To close out our Stream Restoration Series, we have one final testimonial from our Senior Project Manager, David. “Everybody has their favorite place, but many of us in the environmental research or consulting communities will also have their favorite site. Your favorite site is one that makes you happy just thinking about it and excited […]

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