Jamesburg Park Restoration – 3 Years Later

Atlantic White Cedar Enhancement Area

The Jamesburg Park Conservation Area is one of GreenVest’s larger Middlesex County Wetland Restoration sites on county-owned parkland in New Jersey. Along with 4 others, this 13.5-acre mitigation site was funded by the New Jersey Freshwater Wetland In-Lieu-Fee program for the Middlesex County Parks Department. Working with project partners GreenTrust Alliance and Princeton Hydro, GreenVest […]

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GreenVest Leads Student Tour of Mullica Mitigation Bank

Owen McEnroe leads tour (photo: Dana Patterson from Princeton Hydro)

A few weeks ago, GreenVest was contacted by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to lead a brief site tour of the Mullica Mitigation Bank. This 33.89-acre parcel of land in the New Jersey Pinelands Region had been degraded from years of cranberry cultivation. GV developed a mitigation bank on the property by […]

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Vernal Pool Survey Yields a Welcome Surprise

Long-tailed salamander in its natural habitat.

Every Spring, special pools blossom into existence fed by melting winter snow and seasonal rains. These vernal pools (from the Latin vernalis meaning “of the spring”) provide a host of environmental services to any habitat in which they form. Amphibians especially love vernal pools, as they are safer places (i.e., less aquatic predators due to […]

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Noteworthy Accomplishments – GreenVest 2020 Retrospective

Greenvest LLC river watershed

GreenVest is proud to announce our upgrade from a Prince George’s County-Located Business to a Prince George’s County-Based Business. We show a continued commitment to our headquarter-county and look forward to future opportunities in the area. While most conferences, seminars, and presentations looked a bit different recently, GreenVest had a presence and made contributions in […]

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Credit Releases – GreenVest 2020 Retrospective

Greenvest LLC Ecosystem Restoration upland forest restoration

GreenVest is proud to announce credit releases from multiple mitigation banks in 2020. In Maryland, the Completion of Construction stream and wetland credits were released from the Mattawoman Creek Mitigation Bank site in May 2020, allowing application of stream and wetland credits to our client’s critical infrastructure projects. The End of Year 2 credit release […]

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New Opportunities & Projects Awarded – GreenVest 2020 Retrospective

New Opportunities & Projects Awarded - GreenVest LLC 2020 Retrospective

GreenVest was awarded multiple projects in 2020. In turn, these projects support jobs, important infrastructure improvements, and environmental resilience. In Maryland, we were awarded multiple Section 404 Stream and Wetland Mitigation contracts to support MDOT’s Managed Lanes Study focused on transportation-related improvements in the I-270/I-95 corridor. The project consists of 3 different sites assembled from […]

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Project Update: USDA Beltsville Agricultural Research Center (BARC)

Greenvest LLC Ecosystem Restoration USDA Beltsville Agriculture Research Center

by McKenzi Heger | May 30, 2019 On May 30, our Vice President, Patrick Phillips, attended the Society of Wetland Scientists annual meeting in Baltimore. While there, he had the pleasure of presenting on a few of our own projects, including the wetland and stream restoration projects located at the USDA Beltsville Agricultural Research Center […]

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There’s Something That Could Have Made Hurricane Florence Even Worse

Greenvest LLC Hurricane Florence commentary

by McKenzi Heger | September 19, 2018 When you visit the beach, you often see signs that read “please keep off the dunes.” While the dunes may look like a great way to take a shortcut to your beachfront condo, it’s important to refrain. Why? Because dunes help communities bounce back after hazardous events like […]

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Mitigation Bank Credits vs. Turnkey Mitigation

Greenvest LLC Maryland mitigation sites

by McKenzi Heger | August 9, 2018 Mitigation bank credits and turnkey mitigation – they both have the word mitigation in their name but are they the same? The short answer is no, but let’s dig a little deeper. Mitigation could be defined as the process of making something less severe or damaging. In terms […]

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Upcoming 2018 GreenVest Bank Projects

Greenvest LLC Wetland mitigation bank

by McKenzi Heger | July 13, 2018 In the coming months, we have a total of four big projects starting up and we’re excited to share them with you. As an environmental development and consulting firm specializing in mitigation services, ecological restoration, and sustainable land planning, we thrive off of acquiring new projects. They help […]

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