There’s Something That Could Have Made Hurricane Florence Even Worse

Greenvest LLC Hurricane Florence commentary

by McKenzi Heger | September 19, 2018 When you visit the beach, you often see signs that read “please keep off the dunes.” While the dunes may look like a great way to take a shortcut to your beachfront condo, it’s important to refrain. Why? Because dunes help communities bounce back after hazardous events like […]

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Mitigation Bank Credits vs. Turnkey Mitigation

Greenvest LLC Maryland mitigation sites

by McKenzi Heger | August 9, 2018 Mitigation bank credits and turnkey mitigation – they both have the word mitigation in their name but are they the same? The short answer is no, but let’s dig a little deeper. Mitigation could be defined as the process of making something less severe or damaging. In terms […]

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Ellicott City, MD Flood & Storm Water Involvement

Greenvest LLC river watershed

by McKenzi Heger | June 25, 2018 The recent devastation in Howard County’s downtown Ellicott City has opened up the door to a host of conversations, including finding a creative solution to the flooding incidents that plagued July 2016 and, more recently, May 2018. A sense of urgency and openness to finding a solution in […]

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