GreenVest’s 2022 Holiday Party

Table setup

This past weekend, our staff had the joy of celebrating another year at GreenVest at our 2022 Holiday Party. Our usual January celebration was canceled due to COVID-19 safety concerns, so we substituted the holiday cheers for a pre-summer toast. Hosted at the Hamilton in Downtown Washington, D.C., our staff enjoyed cocktail hour and a […]

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Happy 30th Birthday to GreenVest

GreenVest 30th Birthday Celebration

Today, GreenVest celebrates our 30th birthday! Thirty years of championing ecosystem restoration, preservation, and mitigation using nature-based solutions for sustainable outcomes. Our team enjoyed a delicious catered lunch and a wonderful birthday cake to celebrate. Here’s to all we have accomplished and to all we will accomplish in the next 30 years… and beyond! […]

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Vernal Pool Survey Yields a Welcome Surprise

Long-tailed salamander in its natural habitat.

Every Spring, special pools blossom into existence fed by melting winter snow and seasonal rains. These vernal pools (from the Latin vernalis meaning “of the spring”) provide a host of environmental services to any habitat in which they form. Amphibians especially love vernal pools, as they are safer places (i.e., less aquatic predators due to […]

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Beavers: Unexpected Partners at Bacon Ridge Branch Stream Restoration Project

Beaver dam on top of log jam

With each new stream restoration project, we employ a variety of techniques to bring the stream and its surrounding ecosystem back to health. For the Bacon Ridge Branch Stream Restoration Project, we used a ‘lighter touch’ approach that leveraged on-site materials to create structures that raised the water surface elevation and reconnected the stream to […]

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