“…Being found in great multitudes all over the country, their noise made the cow-bells inaudible in the woods.” – Rev. Andreas Sandel, 1715. Though cicadas are mentioned in Homer’s Illiad, the above quote is possibly the first known written description … Continue reading


One of our Ecosystem Restoration Specialists, Jack Turner, was engaged by the Monarch Academy of Glen Burnie to present to their first-grade class about birds and birding. Jack’s virtual presentation taught 75 students, numerous teachers, parents, and guardians all about … Continue reading

Stream Restoration Series – White Paper

To close out our Stream Restoration Series, we have one final testimonial from our Senior Project Manager, David. “Everybody has their favorite place, but many of us in the environmental research or consulting communities will also have their favorite site. … Continue reading

Salamander Hunt

When the ground thaws and the snows melt, amphibians stir from their hibernation. The ground saturates with moisture, and vernal pools form. “Vernal” meaning “occurring in spring,” and “pools” meaning “places where new life will soon be swimming.” It is … Continue reading

Pi Day

On March 14, 1988, Larry Shaw, a physicist at the San Francisco Exploratorium, coordinated a circular march and pie eating extravaganza. Chosen for its resemblance to the first three digits of Pi, 3/14 has since become international Pi Day, and … Continue reading

GreenVest Is Proud to Announce Another Award Win

The Chesapeake Stormwater Network hosts their biennial Best Urban BMP in the Bay Area awards—the BUBBAs—a stormwater management project competition. GreenVest is thrilled to announce our Bacon Ridge Branch (Elks Camp Barrett) Project placed 3rd in the 2021 Best Stream … Continue reading